Monday, 11 July 2016

The Queen's 13th Prime Minister

Theresa May who will become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the coming days

The Queen will welcome the 13th Prime Minister of her long reign when she meets Theresa May in the coming days. Mrs May will take up the role after her only rival for the position, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of the race.  Theresa May succeeds David Cameron who resigned following the UK vote to leave the European Union on 24th June 2016.

The new Prime Minister is the second woman to hold the role and both female Premierships have come during the reign of Elizabeth II.Theresa May joins a long list of Prime Ministers that have served under the Queen, beginning with Winston Churchill who was already in post when Elizabeth took the throne in 1952.


 The Queen will officially appoint Mrs May as Prime Minister in the coming days - it's understood that the Premier in waiting is now in London. Although a formality, the audience must take place for Theresa May to take up office.


 In the historic year of her 90th birthday, the Queen adds another chapter to the story of her reign as she appoints, for the second time, a female Prime Minister.

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