Monday, 25 July 2016

Charlene's week: royal tradition and Hollywood stars

Princess Charlene with members of the South African Red Cross during the week
(photo Palais Princer de Monaco Facebook)

She's been named godmother of a major charity, attended a world famous event and hobnobbed with Hollywood stars. As Princess of Monaco, Charlene would have expected this in her royal diary at some point but she's packed it all in over the course of one week. From keeping up Monegasque royal traditions to meeting Hollywood royalty, it's s been a glamourous seven days for this princess.

Charlene and her husband, Prince Albert II, started off with a trip to the south of France where they attended the Leonardo di Caprio Foundation Annual Gala. Cue photo with the Oscar winning superstar.

The royals joined big names including Sir Elton John, Kate Hudson and Mariah Carey at the fundraiser which brought in $40 million for environmental charities.

A few days later, the royal couple were taking part in events marking one of the biggest events in the princely calendar every year. The Red Cross Ball began in 1948 after Albert's great grandfather, Prince Louis II, set up the Monaco Red Cross and started developing fundraising ideas for it. The ball was among the first events developed and it debuted in 1948 with Louis' heir, his grandson Prince Rainier, taking the helm.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene on the eve of the Red Cross Ball in Monaco this year

The Monaco Royal Family have attended ever since and this year on the eve of the event, Albert and Charlene welcomed the South African Red Cross to the Prince's Palace for a celebration where the princess was given the honour of becoming godmother to the association.

The ball itself took place on July 23rd 2016 in Monaco with Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene welcoming hundreds of guests to the event.

The royal couple also led a minute's silence in memory of those killed at Nice and in support of their families and those injured in the attack.

The event follows a very traditional pattern with a meal followed by dancing and a concert which attracts big names to the principality. This was very much Albert and Charlene's ball as other members of their family didn't attend. 

We know that Charlene won't be heading to the Rio Olympics, partly over concerns about the Zika virus, while Albert will attend - he is a member of the International Olympic Committee. But the couple have got their summer started with traditional royal events and a bit of Hollywood royalty. It was a very glamourous week for Charlene of Monaco.

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