Friday, 8 July 2016

George steals the air show

Prince George takes centre stage at a day out at an air show with his mum and dad
(photo Kensington Royal Twitter)

His name wasn't even on the official guest list until the last minute but as Prince George accompanied his mum and dad to an Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire, he stole the show. The third in line to the throne donned ear protectors, sat in a helicopter and got the biggest sticker in town to wear. There was only one person enjoying themselves more and that was his dad. William couldn't stop smiling as he got to show his son how to take to the air.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were down to attend the International Air Tattoo at Fairford which, let's face it, is the perfect place to bring a soon to be three year old. But it was only as final preparations were under way that confirmation came through that George would be coming along. And then, right on cue, the royal car swept into view with a little blonde head in the background and two very proud parents looking on.

No one gets to do car seats in this house other than William. As soon as the car stopped he was out to help his son jump out and get down to serious helicopter business. And George, like all good toddlers, made his parents work for their peace, quiet and enjoyment, jumping out of mum's arms on arrival and almost immediately asking dad to pick him up.  

But then this was no ordinary day out. While George had the familiarity of his parents at his side he had the slightly less usual sight of dozens of cameras following every moment of his fun. But he knuckled down to having a good time quite quickly and then the fun really started.

We got to see George admiring helicopters, George admiring the Red Arrows and George admiring planes before William's fatherly instincts kicked in and he took over with some patriarchal activities of his own.

Kate and George got to sit in a Squirrel helicopter just like the one William had trained in while the Duke of Cambridge appeared to get to talk to them incessantly about some of his favourite memories. Cue matching mother and son looks into the distance while wearing faint smiles.

Then it was time for William to put George in the driving seat. The second in line to the throne put his successor into the cockpit of a plane and it was impossible to tell who enjoyed it more.

George also showed just how far he's come by stomping down the steps of another plane all by himself (well, with a little bit of hand holding from dad) and proved he is a typical toddler by proudly showing off a huge sticker which will no doubt have to be prised off him at some point in the coming days.

There was a bit more parent ping pong as George demanded dad hand him over to mum and there was also a quick sprint for freedom as he decided the Duke of Cambridge had been talking to someone else for far too long and made a break for it. 

And while all the talk beforehand had been about his parents. George guaranteed - just by showing up - that this royal engagement will be remembered for him alone. And William and Kate looked more than happy at that as they got to show off their little prince while showing him a really good day out.

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