Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Royal Wardrobe: being bold

Queen Letizia of Spain in one of her bold fashion choices this week

This week was all about being bold. From big blocks of colours to once in a royal lifetime prints and with a few daring moves in between, there were some style statements that stood out for their determination. The Royal Wardrobe this week is all about being bold - and you can vote for your favourite on the main page.

Queen Letizia of Spain made some very bold fashion moves this week but while her floral floatiness was super summery, it was this solid statement of colour that really turned heads. We've seen all the parts of this outfit before but put together for a day out in Paris and they turned into a chic set up that takes some matching. Ad din picture perfect hair and marvellous accessories and Letizia is boldly going fashion forward this week.

If you want bold, here's bold. This is a regal fashion moment that may never come again. Queen Maxima chose quite possibly the most out there, make us look and then ask if it's really happening royal dress of the year to welcome the President of Greece to the Netherlands this week. It featured a very eighties looking interpretation of a desert island complete with beach, waves and palm trees and just to prove she really is no shrinking violet when it comes to fashion. Maxima added a bright pink hat. Bold and beautiful.

There was another bright print from Queen Mathilde of the Belgians and while this isn't as retro as Maxima's choice, it's on trend and very, very elegant. Mathilde chose this summery mix of brown and blue for an event at the Royal Palace in the week and the sprinkling of print on the crisp white background proved a total style hit. 

The Countess of Wessex had another great style week with a rewear for two fabulous Ascot outfits and a chance to see this bold print in action as she launched the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in London. What's not to love about this fabulous floral fashion set on a black background with neat white piping?

The Duchess of Cambridge was really bold with her fashion choices this week and this Bardot dress was the bravest of them all, if not her bravest yet. Kate caused huge surprise by turning up to an arts award ceremony in a white off the shoulder dress with flared skirt. We got tousled hair as well making this a real departure from her usual look and one we'd all love to see again.

Five bold fashion statements for July 2016 but which is your favourite - you can vote on the main page.

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