Friday, 8 July 2016

Maxima's family day out


The King and Queen of the Netherlands pose for photographer at the start of their summer break

Earlier this week, it wasn't certain that she'd be there but as Queen Maxima of the Netherlands got her family summer holidays under way with the traditional photo session she was all smiles on a day out. Maxima had been diagnosed with a light concussion after suffering a fall but she was showing no signs of it as she posed with her husband and daughters in the grounds of Villa Eikenhorst this afternoon. In fact, it was another family ailment that got everyone talking as heir to the throne, the Princess of Orange, appeared on crutches with a bandage on her ankle.

Catharina-Amalia didn't seem particularly bothered by the injury as she stood, then sat, then stood again quite happily for the round of photos which marks the start of the summer.

It's just over two months since we saw the whole family together on King's Day and then it was middle princess, Alexia, who was coping with an injury as she recovered from a broken leg sustained while ski-ing with her family on their annual winter holiday.

All three girls seemed ready to enjoy the long vacation ahead of them and as has become traditional at these sessions, they posed by themselves while their parents looked on proudly.

There was also a chance for mum and dad to star in a few photos of their own although everyone had to share the limelight with the family dogs who appeared in just about every image taken.

It might have been a relaxed photocall but that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of royal dynasty going on. Willem-Alexander and his heir, Amalia, posed for some pictures by themselves too.

Then it was time to head off for a spot of relaxation as the summer holidays got well and truly under way. Given the crutches and concussions of the last week, a little rest will be a very welcome thing after this family day out.

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