Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Queen welcomes a new Prime Minister

The Queen has welcomed her 13th Prime Minister into office
(photo Lambeth Palace Twitter)

Prime Ministers come and Prime Ministers go but one thing stays the same. As they walk in, they must be appointed by the Queen and as they leave it's her they have to hand their notice to. Today saw those moments of history played out behind closed doors and yet in front of the whole word. The Queen has welcomed her 13th Prime Minister and waved farewell to number twelve at the same time.

Less than three weeks ago, David Cameron was safe in Number 10 with a mandate of his own and what seemed like total control over his time as Prime Minister. Today, just after 4.30pm he stepped through the famous door with his wife and children to say farewell. After a short and emotional speech, he sped away to Buckingham Palace to formally resign as Prime Minister. Less than half an hour later, a formal communique confirmed that his time running the country had come to an end.

As he left, his successor arrived. Theresa May, with her husband Philip, drove into Buckingham Palace as Home Secretary and left as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury. It all happened within the confines of Buckingham Palace but while Prime Minister May was still with her Monarch a photo of the moment of history was shared around the world.

More photos followed as Mrs May left for her new home and spoke briefly on the steps of 10 Downing Street before heading in to begin her new job.

Meanwhile, the Queen had a regular meeting of the Privy Council to attend to. Prime Ministers come and Prime Ministers go but some things stay the same. The UK has a new political leader while its Head of State continues as always.

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