Friday, 8 July 2016

Harry's Health Campaign Continues

Prince Harry arrives at King's College London
(photo Kings College NHS Twitter)

Just last month, Prince Harry announced that he wanted to renew the focus on treating and preventing HIV/AIDS and this week he headed to hospital to hear more about work in this area. The prince went to King College in London to hear about its work on early diagnosis and ending stigmatisation.

Harry visited the hospital to meet experts and staff from the HIV service run by Kings College. The hospital is about to start routine testing for HIV for all patients to ensure early diagnosis and to end the stigma sometimes attached to the virus. And Harry added his voice to that plea, urging people who think they may have the virus to get tested.

During roundtable discussions with health staff at Kings, Harry heard that late diagnosis is one of the biggest problems they face - the earlier HIV is detected, the more effective treatment can be.

The prince met many of those working with HIV patients every day as well as hearing about issues that will help his projects in Africa.  And he compared the facilities in London with those available in Lesotho, telling people that it was much easier here to be diagnosed and get treatment than it was in places in Africa he has visited.

While there Harry thanked the staff for their 'great work' and added 'keep doing it!'.   Harry recently announced his intention to campaign for better understanding of HIV/AIDS and for improvement in treatment around the world. He has been meeting experts in private for over six months to get a better understanding and later this month he will travel to South Africa to take part in the 2016 International AIDS Conference. 

He's continuing work that was very important to his mother, Diana, and which has clearly become very important to him as well. Harry's health campaign continues.

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