When royals send us dotty....

One of the most eye catching royal outfits of the past week was the spotty dress worn by Crown Princess Victoria. It send plenty of people dotty for many reasons, most of them coming back to the fact that it just looks great. In honour of Victoria's spot of royal fashion fun, here are six other dot to dots. See if you can spot a favourite.

Queen Sonja of Norway does love a polka dot. She's never shied away from spotty style and perhaps the most memorable is this navy blue dress with white spots complete with hatband to match. She famously wore it on a trip to Stockholm back in 2005 where she posed alongside Crown Princess Victoria. The future queen of Sweden is clearly dotty for dots.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands chose a very muted and understated set of dots for an engagement during her visit to Poland in 2014. Maxima went for a palest beige dress with contrasting black and white spots (seen before) and then realised things were far too low key and stuck what appeared to be an unravelled coathanger on her head. This is one occasion where the spots really needed to be left to do the talking by themselves.

A royal as fond of a print as Queen Mathilde of the Belgians was never going to be without a dot or two in her wardrobe. This rather striking spotty coat was chosen during her fourth pregnancy, with Princess Eleonore, at the start of 2008. Mathilde didn't shy away from patterns and prints while expecting and gave us some of the best royal maternity wardrobes around as a result.

One of the most famous royal polka dot dresses of recent times is another mummy special. The Duchess of Cambridge gave a nod to Diana, Princess of Wales when she left hospital with Prince George in her arms by choosing a blue spotty dress not dissimilar to the green gown worn by Diana to take William home from the same place. Kate's dress became an instant classic with lots of plaudits for refusing to hide the mummy tummy that hangs around after baby is born. Polka dots flew off the shelves after this appearance and it's still one of the best known royal outfits around. 

Queen Letizia of Spain isn't a great fan of the spot. In fact, big prints are rare in her royal wardrobe so it's no surprise that her most recent dotty dalliance was low key. This black blouse with big pockets has very subtle sparkly dots that sometimes don't show up from a distance. It's a muted nod to the spot vogue from Letizia who prefers blocks of colour and texture to mix up her wardrobe.

Crown Princess Mary likes to surprise with spots every now and again and on a trip home to Australia not long after her royal wedding, she chose this cream and beige dotty delight. Mary was clearly enjoying playing polka as she made sure the material draped on the sleeves and round the waist to give maximum spot coverage. It's another dotty royal classic in a trend that is spot on. 


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