Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Spring State Visit Style: Queen Mathilde of the Belgians

Spring State Visits have a style all of their own so this week there's a look back every day at five of the royal wardrobes that have taken a starring role in the recent, big, regal events. Catch up with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and Queen Margrethe of Denmark and settle down for a trip down (very recent) memory lane with a whizz through the wardrobe of Queen Mathilde of the Belgians during her time in Copenhagen. We've got spring colours, we've got a mini cape, we've got a dose of orange that might knock you sideways. We've got Spring State Visit style. Enjoy.

Mathilde began her State Visit to Denmark in a piece of pale blue perfection that got everyone smiling. The Queen of the Belgians chose a coat that went beyond chic for her arrival. There is nothing not to love about this outfit from the crisp collar to the flared skirt to the pillbox that drew plenty of Jackie O comparisons (more of that tomorrow from Mary).  Underneath was a pale blue dress with sheer overlay that didn't hit the mark quite as sharply but overall this debut day look was a success.  Get ready for the orange.

Yep, if the diamonds weren't enough to dazzle, Mathilde chose a colour for the State Banquet on evening one that it could actually be seen from space. You need to see it this dress move to appreciate just how well it works because the still photos don't do it justice. There's pleating in that skirt that really makes an impression - just what you expect from a queen at a State Banquet - while the colour really sets off the sash. And it's the fact that the Queen of Denmark has matched the sash which the Queen of the Belgians has taken time to contrast with her gown so well that sets the seal on this one. The dress isn't going to work as well anywhere else because this is just picture perfect and in insight into the behind the scenes chat we all know goes on ahead of State Visits to make sure everything is co-ordinated.

That work was on display during day two as well when Mathilde went for pale pink with burgundy hints while her main host for the day, Crown Princess Mary, was all in claret. It's a colour co-ordination made in fashion heaven. Queen Mathilde chose a dress and matching coat in pastel with twists of burgundy going through it. Hopefully this is the last we'll see of the cape effect sleeves which have run their course this season but let's take a moment to admire just how well Mathilde does traditional royal dressing. In an age of High Street Highnesses, the ability to add hats, bags and gloves that work is an art form expressed at its best by Mathilde in Copenhagen. 

We got another Mathilde classic look for the return gala evening at the end of day two. This sparkling red evening dress is just the Queen of the Belgians to the tee (and it was made by Natan just to prove how much a staple of her wardrobe it really is) and it's all the better for that. The glamourous gown, with its off the shoulder top and its slightly flared skirt, suits Mathilde and then some and she looks so relaxed in it which makes any outfit sparkle even more. Another winner from Mathilde whose style can sometimes be overlooked.

The third and final day of the State Visit was very brief with Philippe and Mathilde holding a farewell audience with Queen Margrethe at the Amalienborg Palace where they took part in an another tradition - signing a window with a diamond. Mathilde needed something comfortable for this challenge and wore an old favourite - a pale pink and purple coat dress. It's pretty if pretty ordinary but after two days of high style, we'll allow a queen consort to fall back on her staple wardrobe. Mathilde looked fabulous throughout her three days in Denmark - a triumph of Spring State Visit Style.

Photo credit: Belgian Royal Family Instagram.

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