Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Royal Wardrobe: Gala Glitz for Mathilde and Mary

Amidst all the glitter of a gala week, two outfits sparkled their way to the top of the Royal Wardrobe poll. There wasn't so much as a sequin between Queen Mathilde of the Belgians and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in the quest to find the dress that best summed up royal gala dressing right now. This is one tie that dazzles and then some.

The two gowns were worn on the same night, the second evening of the Belgian State Visit to Denmark. On March 29th 2017, Mathilde and her husband, King Philippe, hosted an evening of music at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen as a thank you for their State Visit. Mathilde chose red, Mary chose turquoise and everyone was really rather impressed.

The interesting thing about these two gowns topping a poll looking for the image that best sums up gala dressing in 2017 is that they are so very different. Mary's look, by Jesper Hovring, is all about modern with its slim fitting skirt and cutaway shoulders. Mathilde's outfit is far more traditional (and by her go to designer, Natan) but add red and sequins and there's no way around it, it's a wow. The whole State Visit was picture perfect and Mary and Mathilde gave it the farewell it needed with these two sparkling triumphs. Maybe the key to perfect royal gala dressing in 2017 is being true to yourself and comfortable with your pick. These two royals have proved they're winners when it comes to that.

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