Sunday, 16 April 2017

An Easter Royal Bonanza

Easter brought a right royal treat. We got queens, princesses, duchesses and kings and all before lunchtime. Like a sweet little basket of treats that kept on giving, there were royals to be seen everywhere. This little regal fix should keep you going for at least a day.

Easter falls on April 16th this year which also happens to be one of those royal birthday bonanza days (the other biggie is in September but let's not get ahead of ourselves). Today saw celebrations for Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (62) and his youngest son, Sebastien (25) as well as Princess Eleonore of Belgium (9). But the big birthday, or the one with the biggest celebrations, was that of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark who turns 77 today. We got balconies. Well, a balcony. But it was ram packed with royals.

Queen Margrethe was joined by her husband, Prince Henrik, as well as her two sons, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim. We're not done yet. Of course, Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie were there as were six of the Queen of Denmark's eight grandchildren (Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix were missing). Enjoy the slideshow above then steady yourself. There's much more to come.

Now we're off to Windsor. It's no surprise to see royals across Europe attending church on this important day and the Queen led her family to the service at St George's Chapel, Windsor. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended - the first time they have celebrated Easter with the Queen here. We also got to see Edward, Sophie and their children as well as Beatrice and Eugenie and the Princess Royal. It was a very regal walk to church indeed and leads to a very packed slideshow above.

The Spanish Royal Family have made a tradition of attending Easter Mass in Palma de Mallorca and this year was no different, even if the lack of sightings of Felipe and Letizia on the island ahead of today had led to some questions about whether they would be there. They were, of course, along with their two daughters, Leonor and Sofia, and Queen Sofia and everyone looked really rather happy. There's another slideshow to enjoy - just click on the arrows.

As we're enjoying the photos so much, just a few more. First of all, from Belgium where the Royal Family shared a set of pictures of Princess Eleonore to mark her big day. After her starring role serenading dad on his birthday yesterday (there's a sweet tradition developing there of linking the two celebrations after last year's joint photo), the littlest princess in Belgium was featured in a mini album including a rather lovely snap of her with big sister, Elisabeth.

Cour grand-ducale/ Lola Velasco/ tous droits reserves

Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg was so organised that his new photos came out several days before his birthday. In a relaxed album of pictures with his wife, Maria Teresa, the birthday Grand Duke looks really rather a lot younger than his 62 years which is the best present anyone can hope for on their big day. It rounds up our royal bonanza for this April 16th with its Easter celebrations and four royal birthdays. Now just keep everything crossed that Princess Sofia's new baby, due in September, arrives on the 15th to provide a fourth royal birthday to celebrate on that date. These bumper royal days are well worth enjoying.

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