Diana's memory blossoms

Forget me nots. Three words that sum up a project that will bring a smile to thousands of people over the coming months. For the little flowers, all in white, have come to life in a garden that's been planted and is being nurtured all through this spring and summer in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. The White Garden at Kensington Palace is one of several ways in which she's being remembered this year, the twentieth anniversary of her death. And now visitors are enjoying the sight and smell of the flowers, planted in memory of Diana. 

The White Garden has taken root in the historic Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, Diana's home and the place where so many came to remember her in the days after her death in Paris on August 31st 1997.  It's a spring and summer festival of white flowers. On August 31st 2017, twenty years to the day since her death, it will be filled with the petals and scents of many of Diana's favourite flowers - a vibrant testimony to her life and to the impact she had on so many.

It's been a real labour of love and the brilliant video from Historic Royal Palaces (above) shows just how much hard work has gone into bringing it to life. It's been inspired by Diana and the things she loved as well as her passion for the gardens at Kensington. There's plenty still to do to ensure this garden keeps blooming throughout the summer when so many people are expected to visit Kensington Palace to remember the princess. 

The spring selection includes those forget me nots as well as tulips (including a variety called Diana) and narcissi while the summer set will bring in Cosmos daisies, Gaura and a flower forever associated with Diana. White roses will be planted in pots around the reflective pool in the garden. There are more touching links in the flowers that will bloom. Among the roses being cultivated is one called ''William and Catherine''  - there's a full list of the flowers here for keen gardeners

The White Garden is one of several ways Diana is being remembered at her beloved London home. The exhibition of her dresses, which opened in February, is already drawing huge crowds while earlier this year it was also announced that Prince William and Prince Harry are working towards putting up a statue of their mother at Kensington Palace - we don't know yet when that will be unveiled. 

The recent warm weather has helped many of the flowers bloom earlier than expected. The White Garden, which officially opened on April 13th, will be free to view from a walkway throughout the summer. Diana's memory blossoms again.


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