Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spring State Visit Style: Queen Margrethe of Denmark

You want style, you need Daisy. Queen Margrethe of Denmark has a chic all of her own and it was on display and then some during the recent Belgian State Visit. The Danish queen looked tip top and tickety boo throughout the three day stay and she features in part two of this week's look at Spring State Visit Style for 2017. Here's what Margrethe wore as she hosted the Belgian State Visit to Denmark.

The first outfit for the Queen of Denmark was a rather stylish mint green suit worn for the official welcome given to King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians. Not only is green completely on trend (not really sure Margrethe could give two whatsits about that but worth a nod), it's very modern and very chic. There's nothing not to love about it from the ruched effect at the waist of the jacket to the mid length sleeves and the fitted skirt. The hat is very Margrethe and all the better for it while the shoes are a masterclass - we know that the Queen of Denmark has had back problem and likes to keep the heels low but these are just the right height to set off the suit while keeping things comfortable.

Green was the theme for day one as Queen Margrethe arrived at the State Banquet in a glorious lace gown that shimmered to boot. The design incorporates a deep aqua dress with sheer lace overlay that starts with a cutaway neckline, includes full length sleeves and ends with a scalloped skirt. There's plenty of embellishment on the lace while the clever collar is just the right size for the necklace. That's real royal dressing for you. Oh yes, and we got one of her most important tiaras as well in the shape of the Pearl Poire. Pastel perfection and a look fit for a queen.

Margrethe's involvement in day two was limited to the evening thank you gala hosted in her honour by King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. For this, she chose a simple black evening gown with lace overlay - given that her brother in law, Prince Richard of Sayn Wittgenstein Berleberg died just last month, mourning is still to be expected and King Philippe had made reference to the fact that the Danish Royal Family was grieving in his speech at the State Banquet. But there is a clever bit of Margrethe dressing in here too. She added sapphire earrings and necklace to the gown so to balance that out, we also get a navy blue ribbon belt, Full marks for colour co-ordination even if it does look a bit bolted on.

The last part of this State Visit involved a tradition going back to 1841. Visiting royals and heads of state sign a window, yes a window, using a diamond, yes a diamond. That's how to finish in style. The end result (Mathilde clearly hasn't written on windows with diamonds as much as her husband) will end up in one of Denmark's castles. Apart from being beyond fabulous as day out, it also provides a rather relaxed finale after all that State Visit pomp and that's reflected in the outfits. For this last part of the Belgian State Visit, Margrethe chose a check jacket in beige and brown with a beige skirt. There's hint of excitement in the turquoise brooch but this is a look we've seen from the Queen of Denmark time and again. It added another style note to a State Visit wardrobe that was as chic as it was elegant. A style triumph this spring for Daisy.

Photo credit: Belgian Royal Palace Instagram

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