Crown Princess Victoria's tears after the Stockholm attack

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden have paid their respects to those killed and injured in the attack in Stockholm on April 7th 2017. Four people died when a lorry crashed into a busy shopping area. Fifteen are injured. The royal couple walked to the site of the attack, hand in hand, to pay their tributes. And speaking afterwards, Crown Princess Victoria told reporters that she felt a 'huge sadness and emptiness' after the attack and added that Sweden would emerge from the grief 'together'.

Victoria and Daniel's visit took place on the morning of April 8th 2017, less than 24 hours after the attack.  As you can see in the coverage from both  AftonbladetTV and SVT, the heir to the throne of Sweden stood before the wreckage left by the attack before kneeling and leaving a bouquet of red roses. Victoria then stood and bowed her head. After several moments of reflection, the emotion became too much and she wiped away tears. 

Victoria then spoke to reporters, saying that Swedish society was built on 'trust' and community cohesion and she expressed her beliefs that the country would emerge from the tragedy with strength and together. 

Crown Princess Victoria is representing the monarchy right now - her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, is on his way back from Brazil where he and Queen Silvia had made an official visit earlier in the week and where they were planning on spending a few more days. As soon as news of the attack reached him,  Sweden's monarch began to make his way home.  

The King of Sweden also immediately released a statement speaking of his dismay and saying that his thoughts are with the victims and all their families. Princess Madeleine posted a message on her Facebook page. The flags on the Royal Palace in Stockholm and at Drottningholm Palace and the Haga Palace are all at half mast.  The royal palaces which are usually open to the public have also been closed on April 8th.

As Victoria is representing the Royal Family right now, King Harald V of Norway addressed his condolences to her when he sent a heartfelt message in the hours after the attack. Harald wrote that he had received the news of the attack with sadness and went on ''on behalf of myself, the Royal Family and the people of Norway, I send my deepest condolences and I ask Your Royal Highness to convey my sympathy to the bereaved and relatives, and to all the Swedish people''.

The attack took place on April 7th 2017, just before 3pm local time. A man has since been arrested - Swedish Police say he is believed to be the driver of the truck. Officers say the lorry had been hijacked before the attack took place. Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, described it as a terrorist attack and the man in detention is being held on suspicion of committing a terrorist crime.


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