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The Royal Wardrobe: flowers and lace

Don't panic, this isn't a bad romance novel masquerading as a royal blog. There's been a lot of lace and a lot of floral in this week's Royal Wardrobe so that's where we're heading. Off to the flowers and the lace. Luckily, the two haven't been completely combined otherwise we might hit saccharine overload. Here are five outfits from the royal week just gone and the poll is on the left (you might need to switch to webview) and at the bottom of the page - as always, pick the look that best sums up royal dressing in 2017 for you. The romance novel is next week - only joking. Maybe.

You want flowers, here are flowers. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands went maxi on the floral for the annual King's Day concert on April 4th. This is flower power and then some from Giambattista Valli. We've got a black background which lets the pale pink and green print do its thing. Some may say 1970s wallpaper. Others may say all power to Maxima, this is an on trend evening look with an added wow factor. If it's your favourite, you know what to do....

We're going lace effect now with a basket weave evening gown from the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate picked this red dress with huge skirt for a night at the theatre. Well, it was the opener for 42nd Street so bright and glam were compulsory.  It's by Marchesa Notte and features a sheer panel at the top with a dark bodice leading to the fifties style skirt. We even got tassle earrings as Kate channelled her inner showgirl but is this your pick for royal dressing this week?

for the Night Garden. Queen Letizia took her inspiration from her hosts for this combination of black velvet and watercolour flower prints. The outfit is actually from an Armani Prive Fall collection of several years back but it's a genius choice, reflecting the setting to perfection and easily Letizia's best look of this week's State Visit to Japan. But is it your poll winner?

You want lace, here's lace. And it's Maxima once again. When this royal does something, she does it in style but we knew that anyway. There's enough lace here to keep a royal wedding dress maker happy for a month and a bit. Maxima wore this Natan creation to open an exhibition of Chinese porcelain in Delft and we can ignore the fact that there are lots of blues going on here that don't match each other at all as this is a rather springlike look from Maxima. The lace is even designed in a floral pattern - so many boxes, so many ticks. But is it your weekly winner?

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Let's end with an outfit that comes closest to putting flowers and lace together, the cream confection worn by Princess Marie of Denmark at the confirmation of Prince Felix on April 1st. Marie went for a lace dress by Huishan Zhang with a palest blush pink flower covered fascinator and she looked really rather lovely in it. The dress is simple and elegant, the hat adds texture and the whole effect just works. Now it's time to take your pick in the poll and the results will be here on Tuesday.

Which look best sums up your idea of royal dressing?

Photo credit: Kensington Palace Twitter, koniniklijkhuis Twitter, casareal Twitter, detdanskekongehus Instagram.


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