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Spring State Visit Style: Queen Letizia of Spain

The Spring State Visits have really made their marks in the past couple of weeks. Maybe it's the sunny weather, maybe it's the fresh line that several of the events seemed to take, but the recent trips have gone from being regulars on a royal calendar to must watch occasions. They've been pretty stylish too and we ended with a flourish of fashion as Queen Letizia of Spain packed in six outfits on her recent trip to Japan. Here's a look back at Leti's Spring State Visit Style.

The Queen of Spain began with a modern take on a chic staple as she stepped off the plane in Tokyo in a caramel and black colour block jacket worn with a black leather skirt. All very appropriate but this is just for we go...
Letizia chose red for the outfit worn to the official welcome at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. It's one of Spain's colours, it's a nod to the Japanese flag as well and just in case we were in any doubt about the shade, Letizia chose two versions of it just to make sure we got the message. There's a lot to like about the deep red velvet dress which is peeking through the lighter red coat. And that coat in itself is really rather lovely. But mixing red is always hard there's a lot of action going on at the front of this outfit which start to distract from each other. Letizia always gets away with it but you can't help leaving this one wishing we'd seen both pieces in action separately.

Never mind, we got a repeat we'd all been waiting for at the State Banquet. The Queen of Spain donned the princess dress created for her by Felipe Varela several years ago and added the Floral Tiara for a look so picture perfect it really doesn't need words. Letizia is sparkling here. It's what modern State Visits are all about.

Day two started with a very low key look for a series of solo engagements. Letizia was hearing all about research in the fields of cancer and rare diseases - two of the issues she's particularly interested in - and she chose a black and white mix skirt and white blouse with a red coat for the chillier outside bits. It's very smart and rather chic and does what Letizia does best - makes you wonder whether this modern, on trend look is actually what royal dressing is about.  It's not the hats and gloves we're used to on this kind of event but then she was spending the day looking at medical research - it's all very appropriate for the engagements themselves. 

The gala look from the end of day two was a total triumph and one of the outfits we'll surely remember when the royal 2017 is done and dusted. Letizia chose a black velvet look from Armani Prive's homage to Japan several years ago. The chic look would be elegance itself if it was all plain velvet but there's a rather lovely set of cuffs and clever frill in cherry blossom fabric, a nod to the tree that blooms into life all over Japan around now. Add in an updo, the red lipstick that Letizia wears so well and knockout jewellery and you have a winning look all round. 
The final part of this State Visit wardrobe saw Letizia opt for a smart suit in teal green as she and King Felipe took the train for a day of engagements. We've got an elegant jacket, a knee length skirt and shoes that match to perfection. What lifts this out of the ordinary is the half up do in her hair which makes what could be a standard royal outfit look rather fresh. It was a packed three days for Letiza, packed with outfits, and a lesson in Spring State Visit Style.
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Photo credit: casareal Twitter.


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