Did a royal wedding for Harry and Meghan just move closer?

OK, calm yourselves but Meghan Markle has shut down her lifestyle website. Admittedly, it's not exactly a formal announcement on the steps of Buckingham Palace and a press conference complete with stunning sparkler, but it does seem rather significant. Visitors to The Tig, the site where Meghan has been sharing tips and motivational messages for the best part of three years, found the words 'Farewell, Darling' at the top of its tab and a simple message from the royal duchess in waiting, sorry, its editor in chief.  To sum the words up, The Tig is no more and suddenly lots of people are getting really rather excited indeed.

You see, the decision to close The Tig is being seen as a step back from social media for Meghan Markle - she has been pretty high profile on Instagram and Twitter, with the first hints of a relationship with the fifth in line to the throne coming from photos she shared on her personal accounts that featured a bracelet matching Harry's. In the Instagram post that accompanied the farewell, The Tig said they were 'handing on the baton to Janina Gavankar and her site, altFound.com. But there are always lines that can be read between, so here's that story.

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Meghan Markle has been pretty devoted to The Tig for the best part of three years. It's described as ''dedicated to the love of travel, food, fashion and beauty''.  But almost six months after her relationship with  Harry was confirmed in a statement by the prince, this is being seen as a sign that perhaps marriage may be moving closer. The royals of today might be social media savvy but your own online channel is a totally different concept. Discretion is demanded of a duchess and moving away from the internet is one way of Meghan changing her life in the royal direction.  It could also be that the intensity of the spotlight that has now fallen on Meghan has led to a change - The Tig and her personal social media are heavily scrutinised for any signs of royal romance hints. The only person who really knows why this well established site is disappearing is Meghan and there's little chance of her talking about it.

If you want to get even more excited, read the message on altFound.com about the end of The Tig. Janina Gavankar is full of praise for her long time friend, Ms Markle, and credits her with inspiring her own site. But she ends with a cryptic line '' our hearts are full as we watch The Tig ride into the sunset and await Meghan's next endeavour.''  Meghan has a project and plenty are already labelling it wedding.

Meghan signs off from her pet project with the words ''don't ever forget your worth - as I've told you time and again: you, you my sweet friend, you are enough'. The perfect words with which to accept a proposal if anyone was interested in that kind of bunting, street party, days off work kind of thing. Royal wedding mania just got slightly more frenetic.  Well, spring is in the air, after all.


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