Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Felipe and Letizia's biggest engagement

Today is ten years since the official ceremony to mark the engagement of the Prince of Asturias with Letizia Ortiz Rocosolano.  The press conference and interview that followed was the first proper chance to see together the couple who's relationship had been a secret only a week before.

The big engagement day started with a walk through the palace gardens in the crisp November air
Their big day was slightly less formal than Frederik and Mary's had been almost a month earlier.  A walk in the gardens to let everyone take some snaps, a photocall and a chat with journalists before big group shots with the rest of the family and then a private lunch. 
Smiles all round after the surprise of Felipe and Letizia's engagement
They've never looked that close again - Letizia and Juan Carlos at the lunch to celebrate her engagement to Prince Felipe
And after that, the princess to be disappeared from view.  When she was next seen, almost a month later, the trouser suit had disappeared and she was much more formal.  That air of relaxation so evident this day ten years ago has never returned.  As Felipe and Letizia move into their second decade as a royal couple, it remains to be seen if it will return.

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