Friday, 15 November 2013

Princess Anne's horsemeat controversy

The Princess Royal has sparked controversy in the UK by suggesting that the country consider putting horsemeat on the menu.  The meat has never been regularly used as food in any part of Britain.  And when traces of horsemeat was found in the food supply chain in the UK at the end of 2012, there was a huge row.  Now Princess Anne has told World Horse Welfare, of  which she is patron, that a debate was needed about eating horse as there was an argument that making it an accepted food would improve the care for the animals.

Princess Anne with the rescue horse, Annie, she has adopted - now she is calling for a debate about whether eating horse would mean that other animals were better cared for
The princess noted how the most expensive piece of meat in a French butcher's shop was a top quality fillet of horsemeat.  Her argument is that if horse meat is valuable then people will care for their animals more effectively because looking after them will ultimately make them money when they are sold for slaughter. 
Her friend doesn't look too sold on the idea.  Princess Anne has been associated with the world of horses for most of her life and her most recent comments have already sparked controversy
The princess' comments came in response to new figures that show a huge increase in the number of abandoned horses in the UK.  Overbreeding and the cost of keeping horses has led to a large number of the animals being left to fend for themselves and reports of some being sold for about £5 each.  The princess recently adopted a welfare horse, called Annie, to help highlight the problem.  And while her comments have already started a row they have also put horses, and their welfare, back on the news agenda. 

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