Thursday, 14 November 2013

Handsome Harry

Prince Harry usually looks good.  But the publicity shots released to mark his involvement in the trek to the South Pole for Walking with the Wounded are particularly flattering to the prince. 

All wrapped up with a South Pole to go to - Prince Harry gets ready for his Antarctic expedition
The prince will be part of the British team racing against American and Commonwealth crews to reach the South Pole by December 17th 2013 to raise funds for Walking with the Wounded.  He unveiled the trophy they're fighting for today at an event in Trafalgar Square before talking about how inspired he was by the whole trek.  And then posing for more pictures which show that the younger Wales brother is heading towards his 30th birthday without too much worry about his looks fading.
Getting ready for an icy month ahead - Harry launches South Pole 2013 in London on November 14th 2013.  Let's just hope he's remembered Dad's birthday in the excitement

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