Thursday, 28 November 2013

Royal tummies

Princesses must know that that their tummies are always on show.  And those two fashion icons extraordinaire, Letizia of Asturias and Kate of Cambridge, have been having belly laughs at everyone's expense in recent days.  Kate's tum was famously flat as a pancake less than two months after the birth of Prince George but on her latest public engagement she's made sure any photos of the royal midriff will be totally complimentary by wearing a semi-empire line lace dress that covers everything while showing off just how slim this new mum really is.

Kate of Cambridge at the Sportaid awards in London on November 28th 2013
Meanwhile, Princess Letizia hasn't been subject to pregnancy rumours for at least a day and a half recently but luckily walked across a stage in high heels that made her stick her tummy out and suddenly we have lift off again.  Admittedly, Letizia is so slim that any weight gain or wrinked skirt front makes her look larger than she really is so it's no wonder that her slightly bulging tum in a tight grey skirt is raising eyebrows and questions. 
Letizia of Asturias after a good lunch gives photographers the snap they've been waiting for
Things were so much easier for their Victorian predecessors - there's no way a corset can lead to pregnancy rumours.

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