Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kate's hair takes over the world

The focus on Kate of Cambridge's hair in the last few days has reached proportions so far unknown, even in the obsession that is the style of England's future queen.  First, Kate revealed a few grey hairs when attending London Poppy Day.  Then, on Remembrance Sunday, she styled her hair in on trend ringlets before her appearance at the Cenotaph.  And the world seems to have gone mad. 

Kate's curls take over the world.  The Duchess of Cambridge chose a new hairstyle on Sunday and made global headlines
It's not just the curls that have sent people crazy, it's the fact that Kate touched one of them.  She actually touched her own hair and it has become major news.  She flicked one of the ringlets off her jacket during her time on the balcony and, according to some commentators, has committed one of the gravest breaches of etiquette and behavior ever seen in royal circles.  The duchess can't do right for doing wrong.  If she doesn't look after her appearance, she's attacked.  If she takes an interest in how she looks, that overrides any work or duty she may be doing.  Kate's critics say she doesn't do enough on the royal rota but ringlet-gate shows a problem that the duchess will never be able to solve.  Even when turning up and doing her bit, one innocent gesture she is probably not even aware she's doing is turned into a headline event that overshadows everything else.  And short of sitting on her hands and never smiling, she can't do much to stop that happening.

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