Friday, 29 November 2013

Queen Sofia gets cute

What more can a queen consort ask for than a baby panda to pose with.  Queen Sofia of Spain got her wish when she popped into Madrid zoo to meet the new baby panda born there in August 2013. 

That's definitely an 'ah' moment.  Queen Sofia of Spain and the baby panda born at Madrid Zoo this summer
The queen has taken a big interest in the giant panda breeding programme at the zoo for over thirty years.  Pandas first arrived at Madrid zoo after the king and queen were given a pair on a state visit to China in 1978.  Since then four cubs, including the one that gave the queen a very cute cuddle this week, have been born.
That's an even bigger 'ah'.  The queen and her cub at Madrid zoo
There's no name for the latest addition - tradition dictates that pandas are named once they are over 100 days old.  But the queen didn't seem to mind, looking totally besotted with the little cub.  She heard all about the care the panda is getting and how it will continue to grow and develop.  And no doubt she'll be popping back in for a catch up soon.  And a few more 'ahs'.
The biggest 'ah' of all.  Queen Sofia and her new friend share a special moment

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