Sunday, 10 November 2013

In memoriam

Queen Elizabeth II has led the United Kingdom in an act of remembrance for those who have lost their lives in conflict.  The Queen laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in London on behalf of the nation on Remembrance Sunday, the closest Sunday to November 11th.  She was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry who laid a wreath on behalf of the Prince of Wales who is on a tour of India.

The Queen lays a wreath at the Cenotaph in London on November 10th 2013, Remembrance Sunday
In many ways, this Remembrance Sunday marks a passing of time that will never be seen again.  Next year will be the centenary of World War One, the conflict that led to the creation of a special day of commemorations for those who die in war.  One hundred years ago today, no one had any idea that such a day was possible or would be needed, let alone that those who came after would mark it every year.  On November 11th 2014, a whole century will have passed since that conflict and the war moves even further into history.  Sadly, further conflicts mean that the need to remember grows as the years go on.  Prince William and Prince Harry stood by their grandmother as she led the nation today but in decades to come, that responsibility will fall to them.  In memoriam. Ad aeternum.

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