Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Kate's gone with the wind

Not for the first time, the Duchess of Cambridge has been caught out by a breeze.  She's struggled with flimsy skirts in gusty weather before and has had two wind in hair moments this month already, the latest just yesterday when she arrived at an engagement only to find her locks in her face within seconds of getting out of the car.  Today, she'd made sure that didn't happen by tying the royal hair back but almost as soon as she'd got out of her car today, she learned another royal lesson.  Why royals don't wear chiffon skirts in November.  Her flimsy frock went for an upward dive as a gust of wind caught it outside Place2Be but fluttered down just in time to spare Kate's blushes.  Which meant the only controversy about this outfit was why she'd chosen dark navy shoes with an all black outfit. 

Kate tries the bright coloured shoes with black trend and fails

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