Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kate and Letizia: Marilyn moments

The Duchess of Cambridge's skirt malfunction in London today is small fry compared to the rather more revealing breeze moment she had in Calgary on her first official overseas tour following her marriage.  Then, her primrose yellow dress caught in the wind and almost gave us a royal knicker flash.

Kate's first breezy dress moment in 2011
Kate quickly learned the lesson of leaving long hair untamed in windy weather after her locks wrapped themselves round her face as she stepped out of a car in London on November 19th.  On November 20th, she was all neat coiffure and hair pins as she arrived at another engagement only to find the skirt off on its own little trip.  But whether she'll change anything after the dress moment is less certain.  The yellow dress of Calgary isn't her only windblown moment.  She was caught out by a floaty summer print frock as she got off a plane in Brisbane last year and had to move pretty quickly to stop that one in its tracks.
A demure tea dress almost becomes Kate's most shocking outfit as she arrives in Australia in September 2012
And during her pregnancy she was caught out by a gust of wind and a sneaky photographer at a wedding when her polka dot dress lifted skywards and almost gave us a peek of royal baby bump.
Kate juggles hat, bag, bump and unruly frock at a wedding in the early summer of 2013
The Queen has always had her hems weighted down so that the same problem doesn't affect her and many other royal women follow suit.  In fact, all of them do eventually.  Even that royal rebel in the making, Letizia of Spain, has obviously started sewing something into the bottom of her frocks after a gust of wind almost left her very red faced.
Letizia finds out that a moment of breeze can turn into a lifetime of embarrassing photographs
Kate might just have nipped back to the Palace for a needle, thread and beads for her floatiest frocks. Or she might just stick to coats and tighter fitting skirts for the winter and start with the chiffon again next spring. 

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