Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Princess Estelle at four

It's the moment we've been waiting for, an already established royal highlight of the year. February 23rd is Princess Estelle's birthday which means official photos which means a big chance to say 'ah' and 'wow'. And this year's pictures are every bit as cute as the ones that have come before. Here is Estelle of Sweden at four.

Estelle of Sweden turns four in another portrait for the history books 
(photo Kate Gabor/ kungahuset.se)

There are two photos, both taken at the Haga Palace where Estelle lives, and they show a little girl growing up fast. In her solo picture she perches on a chair in front of gilt trimmed doors. And then there is the family photo.

Mum, dad and daughter marking a very special birthday

Estelle stands on the chair holding her parents hands while mum and dad appear to have colour co-ordinated with their little girl. Estelle is wearing a cream dress with green piping and Crown Princess Victoria wears white while Prince Daniel has a green shirt for the occasion. And in the background is a hint of Victoria's baby bump. Which is a reminder that in a few weeks' time we will have more cute Estelle photos as she welcomes a baby brother or sister into her royal nursery.But for today it's all about this little princes who marks a special birthday with special photos. Time to say 'ah'.

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