Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Valentine's Royals

They celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary on St Valentine's Day and with just days to go until the celebrations, the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg have shared some new portraits to mark the occasion.

Henri and Maria Teresa of Luxembourg in a new portrait to mark their 35th wedding anniversary
(photo Grand Cour Ducale/ Carole Bellaiche)

Henri, then Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg married Maria Teresa Mestre y Batista on February 14th 1981 in a glittering wedding. The couple had contracted civil marriage ten days earlier. They were one of Europe's most glamourous and romantic royal couples at the time and the new photos show just why the fascination with their love story continues.

Spelling it out in black and white - the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg look just as loved up now as they did when they said 'I do' in 1980
(photo Grand Cour Ducale/ Carole Bellaiche)

Looking happy, relaxed and confident, the royal couple smile at each other and at their audience in two colour and two black and white photos. Since their wedding they have had five children, welcomed three grandchildren and taken over the reigns of Luxembourg when Henri became Grand Duke on the abdication of his father, Jean, in 2000. Their time in charge has been a success and their happy marriage and happy family are now being celebrated on this landmark anniversary marked with landmark pictures for Valentine's Day.

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