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Victoria's maternity fashion: the final countdown

Let's admit it, we're all secretly hoping that Victoria of Sweden has a Leap Day baby. Given that she is in the final trimester, Victoria is probably at the stage where she just wants to have a baby full stop. We're all looking forward to the safe arrival of healthy, happy baby number two for the Crown Princess of Sweden so while we wait, we're looking back at her maternity fashion (see the special page) and now it's time for the final countdown. Here's how Victoria has wowed as she prepares for the arrival of her second child.

December 4th 2015, Royal Palace, Stockholm
If ever there was a time to recycle royal fashion, it's during pregnancy. After all, even if we get another two or three mini Victorias or Daniels the opportunity to rewear maternity clothes is limited. So Sweden's Crown Princess dusted down her favourite purple dress and coat and wore them for an audience with the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, as December got under way.

December 14th, Royal Palace, Stockholm
There were a lot of evening events in December so daywear glimpses were limited and even more so as Victoria held a meeting with the Crown Princess Victoria Foundation for Scientific Research. Sitting behind a table, we got just a glimpse of a rather striking red top with an eye catching necklace. 

December 15th, Royal Palace, Stockholm
What's not to love about this fabulous navy maternity dress chosen for an audience with the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. The colour, the cut, the pleating - it's all just rather lovely. 

December 17th, Centre for Business History, Bromma
It was another case of heads and shoulders on a visit to the Centre for Business History which Victoria made with her husband, Prince Daniel, and her brother, Prince Carl Philip, as Christmas approached. The princess chose a black outfit but while the style was simple, the pulled back ponytail added a touch of glamour to a chic day look.

January 14th 2016, Royal Palace, Stockholm
Another staple of Victoria's maternity wardrobe made a repeat appearance for a meeting with the Swedish Foreign Minister attended by the Crown Princess, her parents and her husband. This blue print dress has been a real favourite through this second pregnancy and it was looking just as elegant on this outing.

January 18th 2016, Stockholm

Crown Princess Victoria gave us another glimpse of a black dress with white print worn before when she attended a conference on Sustainable Development in Stockholm. She'd worn it before with a black jacket and a white one but it was back to black this time round for another take on this day look.

January 21st, Royal Palace, Stockholm
The best part of this day outfit is at the very bottom. Check out the ankle boots Victoria added to this otherwise simple shirt, jacket and trousers combo for her engagement at one of the Royal Palace Music Concert events. Rather nice, aren't they? Modern maternity at its best.

January 22nd, Royal Palace, Stockholm
The pink coat was back the next day as Victoria accompanied her parents to the official opening of the exhibition 'In Time - Royal Watches for 400 Years'. There's nothing wrong with this coat, it's just very shiny and very pink. It was worn with a black shift on this occasion and the ankle boots were a great touch.

January 25th, Viksjo School, Jarfalla
The ankle boots were back a few days later for a visit to a lecture given by Emerich Roth. Victoria teamed them this time with black trousers and a geometric print top first seen early on in her pregnancy. It was a very fitting outfit for a serious event.

January 27th, Royal Opera House, Stockholm
Crown Princess Victoria also attended a scholarship presentation as part of Holocaust Remembrance Day this year. To present the Scholarships from the Michael Bindefield Foundation in Memory of the Holocaust, Victoria was in black.

January 29th, Royal Palace, Stockholm
The blue was back for an audience with Johan Rock, Professor of Environmental Science at Stockholm University. We got a glimpse of the geometric pattern dress this time paired with a navy blazer - it looked smart and chic.

February 11th, Royal Palace, Stockholm
The last part of every pregnancy is tiring so it's no surprise that Victoria has been sitting down a lot at recent engagements. For a meeting with Sweden's Climate Minister, alongside her father King Carl XVI Gustaf, Victoria gave us a glimpse of the black and white spotty dress that has been such a good friend through this pregnancy.

February 15th, Royal Palace, Stockholm
We got another take on the navy and black scheme that seems to have dominated Victoria's wardrobe during this pregnancy when she chose a blouse in those colours for a meeting with Mogens Lykketoft, the President of the UN General Assembly, at the Royal Palace. The sheer blue blouse had black pocket details and kept up the modern maternity style.

February 23rd, Haga Palace, Stockholm
The photos were taken a few weeks earlier but Victoria's pregnancy was clearly well into its final phase when the official photos marking the fourth birthday of Princess Estelle were taken. Victoria chose white - a long jacket over a light shirt. Add in Daniel's green shirt and Estelle's green and white dress and this is perfect family colour co-ordination.

February 25th, Royal Palace, Stockholm
It might be the last time we see her before she becomes a mum for the second time and for an audience with politicians about the UN global goals for sustainable development, Victoria chose black trousers and jacket and a white blouse. It was simple and stylish and the sparkles of the necklace added some glitter. Next time we see her it could well be with a babe in her arms and a big sister called Estelle at her side. It's been a super stylish pregnancy.

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