Letizia in the pink

Ultimately, it looked better with the jacket but the outfit picked by Queen Letizia of Spain for her day out today put her back at the top of the style stakes. After a very quiet start to the New Year, Letizia let rip with a pink and black combo that wowed from a distance and still got a round of applause close up. Spain's style icon queen is back in business.

Liking the look - Letizia admires some art while we all admire her
(photo casareal.es)

Letizia was out and about with her husband, King Felipe who was wearing a grey suit and blue tie if you're interested. No? Thought not, back to Letizia. You can't beat a bit of black and pink - for a more unusual colour combo, it's right up there for me. Spain's queen found herself a very nice candy pink jacket with flared sleeves and a bag so colour co-ordinated it was almost as if she had stayed up all night dying it to match.

There was also a very daring pair of leather trousers with zip detailing at the front and strappy shoes that, let's face it, no other queen on the continent is a) going to try and b) get away with.

So far, so lovely. But while touring ARCO 2016 with her husband, Letizia obviously got a bit warm which meant losing the jacket (boo) and giving us a closer look at the white shirt underneath which was nice but just, well, a white shirt. Without the pop of pink the outfit went from gold medal winning to photo finish.

Not to worry, it was back draped across her shoulders as she left the exhibition hall having spent time seeing some of the exhibits in the International Contemporary Art Fair which is now in its 35th year.

There was also a slick of bright pink lipstick which worked wonders and one of her favourite pairs of earrings which didn't quite do the trick as they feature a bright pink and a bright green stone. With the powerful colour combos already going on, it was a shame to add a fourth.

But overall, this is a winner for Letizia who has stuck to muted shades, lots of monochrome and a favourite red coat for the first months of 2016. But given that they have been tricky months for Spain's royals with the beginning of the trial of the Infanta Cristina and the postponement of the State Visit to the UK perhaps Letizia has been wise to keep the knock out outfits out of the spotlight for now. But there's no doubt that Spain's queen is back in business as a style icon. Let's get read to enjoy.


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