The Royal Wardrobe: all sorts of colours

As the first shoots of spring appear, the Royal Wardrobe is also blossoming and this week we saw a lot more colour than we have in recent times. There were a couple of big, bold splashes but mostly this week was all about mixing subtle shades with black, grey or white to produce all sorts of interesting looks. Here are five fabulous outfits from this week's Royal Wardrobe.

Maybe it was the unstructured sleeves, maybe it was the cool collar but there was something about Princess Charlene's white jacket that made it unforgettable. Add in the black jumper and skinny jeans and this is formal relaxed at its very best. All sorts of chicness here.

You want bright and bold then here's Queen Maxima ski-ing. Snow based outfits can be hard to pull off in the style stakes but Maxima is on such a run of fashion form that it was never going to be a problem for her. She went for bright red in a classic design jacket and trousers but the addition of a black belt and print scarf took this one to the top of the style stakes.

Kate kept her colours more muted as she headed to Edinburgh for a day of engagements. Her sage green coat was really rather lovely with panelling and a huge collar that added another special touch. Elegant and on trend, this was a real winner for Kate.

Her grandmother in law went for a brighter shade for her visit to a construction site on the railway line that will bear her name. Elizabeth II wore purple for a visit to the Elizabeth Line which will run across London and beyond from December 2018 and be represented on the rail maps by a purple line. A fabulous look for a fabulous day.

Look of the week came from Letizia and it's a long time since we've said that. The Queen of Spain wore all sorts of colours for her visit to ARCO 2016 mixing black leather trousers, white blouse and candy pink jacket to maximum effect. The strappy shoes and pink bag turned this into a total winner. All sorts of fun from the Royal Wardrobe this week as spring starts to make itself felt.


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