Tuesday, 3 May 2016

5 times that royal blue ruled

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians in royal blue

It's the most famous colour in the world right now as Leicester City's shirt and scarves are shown on TV screens around the world following their famous football fairytale that has ended with them taking the Premiership title.  And of course, royal blue is a pretty popular colour for royals themselves, adding a sense of regality that is hard to beat. As royal blue is definitely the colour today, here are 6 times it's ruled for royals starting with Mathilde of the Belgians who chose this stunning dress for one of her accession portraits in 2013.

Maxima of the Netherlands also chose royal blue with sapphires when she became a queen consort. This stunning look wowed on April 30th 2013 as Willem-Alexander became his country's king.

Queen Letizia of Spain picked the shade for a fairytale of her own when she wore a gown straight out of a story book for a gala dinner in 2015.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark does royal glitz like no one else and she chose a fabulous royal blue dress for the Jubilee celebrations for King Harald V of Norway at the start of 2016.

Queen Silvia of Sweden also chose the shade for that gala event proving again that when it comes to ruling style wise, it has to be royal blue.

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