Thursday, 12 May 2016

A golden time for Harry at the Invictus Games

Prince Harry with the US Vice President, Joe Biden, on day three of the Invictus Games

It was a golden time for Prince Harry as the Invictus Games reached day three. He handed out medals, he handed out hugs, he handed out kisses and his stock as a royal star just rose and rose. These Games have turned into one of the big sporting successes of 2016 and the prince whose dream made them come true has won more fans than ever before. Here are six special images from day three of the Invictus Games, starting with a hug between Harry and US Vice President, Joe Biden, as they watched the wheelchair rugby final, won by America.

Harry couldn't help hugging on day three. Just about everyone he met got a royal cuddle but when there's so much sporting success to celebrate, why not? His group hug with the Team UK swimmers who had just clinched gold in the 4 x 50 metres relay left this prince with a dripping wet shirt which only seemed to make Harry's happiness greater.

Prince Harry also presented a gold medal, complete with royal hug, to US swimmer Elizabeth Marks and the royal showed what a good sport he is himself by trying on her team jacket for the photographers as he chatted with the competitors in the middle of the contests. Royal picture gold.

Harry is relishing every moment of these games and as he enjoyed the wheelchair rugby between Australia and the UK, he jumped up to take part in Salute Cam and didn't he do it well?
There are lots of people going home from Orlando with photos of themselves with the fifth in line to the throne tucked away on their phones or cameras. Harry has been happy to pose for pictures with people all through the competition and as he made another little girl's dream come true with a snap for the album, there was a chance for everyone else to capture a charming moment on film as well.

A kiss for a champion. Prince Harry helped hand out the medals at the wheelchair rugby after the USA beat Denmark and there were special congratulations for one competitor and a special photo for everyone else to add to the already fabulous album of Harry moments from Orlando. Day three was another winner from the prince and only underlined that this really is a golden time for Harry.
You can see more special moments from the Invictus Games here.
Photo credit: Kensington Royal Twitter.

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