Friday, 13 May 2016

Pride of a prince

Harry of Wales, Prince of Invictus

They are his idea, his motivation and his passion. As Prince Harry brought the curtain down on the second Invictus Games, which took place in Orlando, Florida, his pride was clear to see. His wish to make a sporting event for injured soldiers that the world would celebrate has come true. Harry has every right to beam with the pride of a prince.

The closing ceremony was filled with as many moments of emotion as the Games themselves had been. Hundreds of athletes took part in Invictus with some claiming gold, silver and bronze. But as the Games came to an end, all of them were presented with a medallion celebrating their achievements.

The closing ceremony had plenty of party spirit too with music from Rascal Flatts, fireworks and a ceremonial handover from Orlando to Toronto - the third edition of the Games will take place there next year.

Just like two years ago, it was left to Harry to close the Games and he gave a moving speech in which he remembered some of the amazing sporting stories of the past days and the inspirational tales behind them.

He told competitors that they had moved, entertained and inspired over the past four days and added that although many there wanted to win, Invictus is so much more than that and those who had taken part had shown that time and again.

His pride in everyone who was part of these second Games went on the record when he said that out of everything that had happened in the past few days, ''the moment that means the most to me was handing out your Invictus medallions.'

Harry of Wales was once the party prince, guaranteed to provide a giggle for the world and a headache for his press people. Now he has won himself an international standing and a reputation for hard work and devotion to duty. Invictus has changed the whole public perception of this prince but it's clear that for him, it's all about making a difference and celebrating the achievements of others. He has done just that and more in these past days but his own thoughts are with those who took part in his Games and shared with him the Spirit of Invictus.

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Photo credit: Kensington Royal Instagram.

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