Thursday, 5 May 2016

Letizia's new look

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain marking 40 years of El Pais

She was helping mark the fortieth anniversary of a famous newspaper and Queen Letizia kept the number 40 in mind as she got ready. Her total look was really very forties indeed and one of her most striking in recent times.

Letizia and Felipe were helping celebrate the 40th anniversary of El Pais and to present the annual Ortega and Gasset Journalism awards at an evening event in Madrid. Letizia debuted a navy dress that came straight from the 1940s with soft draping across the top, a mid length skirt and covered buttons up the back.

Felipe tries to appear interested while really just wanting to have a proper look at the motorbike

The strappy shoes had the same vibe while her hair added another slice of 40s appeal to this ensemble. The silver bag was a bit of a swerve but by then the message was clear.

The King and Queen of Spain toured an exhibition celebrating 40 years of the newspaper and met many of those involve din its production.

The King and Queen of Spain hand out the awards as they marked a special night for El Pais newspaper

They then presented the journalism awards, handing out prizes for best story and photograph, best multimedia coverage and lifetime achievement.

Queen Letizia of Spain with Adam Michnik as he received his award

There was also time for a big group photo when everyone came together to celebrate 40 years of a newspaper with a queen chanelling 40s style.


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