Monday, 23 May 2016

Felipe's football anniversary

The King and Queen of Spain at the football on their wedding anniversary

To be fair, it might well have been her idea. On their twelfth wedding anniversary there was no romantic dinner or even one of their famous trips to the cinema. But then when one of your country's most famous football trophies is the King's Cup and they're playing the final you can't really not go. As they marked their wedding anniversary, Felipe and Letizia headed out to watch a game of footie.

The Copa del Rey is one of the big sporting fixtures of the Spanish year and given that King Felipe has taken both his daughters to a football match in recent times, it was fairly unsurprising that Queen Letizia was at his side for this big game.

The couple arrived at the Vincente Calderon stadium in Madrid on the evening of their wedding anniversary looking very relaxed and very smiley.

They took it in turns to greet the crowd from the VIP box before settling back to enjoy the game between Barcelona and Sevilla in a tie that always helps crown the football year before summer and internationals beckon.

It was the King of Spain, of course, who got to present the King's Cup - Barcelona claimed it for the 28th time.

But Letizia got her hands on the trophy too as the royal couple were presented with miniatures of the cup - quite an original wedding anniversary present all told for a milestone usually marked with silk, linen or pearls. 

Then it was off into the warm spring night for this pair of royal lovebirds. Felipe and Letizia have had their share of royal ups and downs but on their wedding anniversary they showed that everything, even royal life, can be a game of two halves.

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