Friday, 20 May 2016

Kate's Ocean Adventure

The Duchess of Cambridge in Portsmouth for a day on the ocean waves
(photo Kensington Royal Instagram)

It started with smiles and ended with a splash. The Duchess of Cambridge visited Portsmouth today, arriving in nautical garb which was swapped for sailing gear before she hopped on a boat. Kate went from dry land to open seas in just a few hours - it was the day of the action duchess.

Kate was in Portsmouth to visit the 1851 Trust, the charitable arm of Landrover BAR. She is patron of the Trust and was there today to see its work in encouraging young people to get involved in sailing and enjoying marine life.

She officially opened the Tech Deck Education Centre which does what it says on the tin - uses technology, and lots of it, to bring the sea and the world of the ocean and all that is attached to it alive for young people.  The official opening involved unveiling a mural she had helped paint when she last visited in 2015.

Kate spoke to plenty of the children enjoying the centre and the educational workshops going on as well as getting her hands on some of the tech.

She also heard about the projects aimed at giving thousands of children from the local area a chance to experience a taste of sailing.

Kate was determined to enjoy a bit of sealife herself. After a super quick change from her Alexander McQueen natuical inspired two piece suit (seen several times before) into sea faring gear, she headed out with Sir Ben Ainslie and some of the team getting ready to try their luck in the Americas Cup in Bermuda in 2017.

But this was no passenger ride for Kate. She threw herself into the action and then took the helm from Sir Ben for a while.

Kate appeared to love her time on the waves. She's been a vocal supporter of the campaign for the Americas Cup in 2017 and will no doubt spend more time with the team as they get ready for the challenge.

And if they do bring the cup back home, that nautical look might just come in handy for a presentation or two at Kensington Palace. It won't be plain sailing but the royal cheerleader for the Americas Cup looks ready to hit the waves.

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