Sunday, 15 May 2016

The young Elizabeth

The young Elizabeth in a rare photo from her childhood released to mark celebrations for her 90th birthday

She is among the most photographed people in the world, one of the most photographed ever but as the next major celebrations for the 90th birthday of the Queen got under way, the Royal Family shared some previously unseen snaps of the woman who became Elizabeth II.

Another image of the unexpected King and the unexpected Queen - George VI and Elizabeth II in a family photo shared to mark the 90th birthday of Elizabeth II

Two black and white photographs and one colour image were released in the days leading up to the huge celebrations at Windsor which marked her 90th birthday. And they show some special family moments of a girl who would be Queen one day.

The Queen as a child plays with a pet bird in another rare archive photo released to mark her 90th birthday celebrations

The photos show the Queen doing some of the things she loves best. There are corgis, there is swimming and there is exploring as she meets a pet bird. And as her 90th birthday celebrations got under way, the ITV coverage shared more special moments from her early life including some photos of her with her beloved grandparents, George V and Queen Mary.

George V and the granddaughter who would one day wear his crown, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

And there were reminders of what a close, happy family the Queen grew up in with images of Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret, alongside their parents.

Us Two - Elizabeth and Margaret were devoted sisters

As the programme began, she was shown walking into a reception at Windsor Castle by herself, a reminder that nine decades on she still carries on the royal tradition taught to her by George V, Queen Mary, George VI and his Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor 

It was a reminder that of that tight knit unit, she is the only one left. But as she took her seat, she was surrounded by her own, large, happy family. The Queen's 90th is a celebration and a chance to remember the world that helped make this historic monarch, the world of the young Elizabeth.

Photos: The Royal Family and ITV Pictures/ ITV screengrabs.

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