Friday, 20 May 2016

8 top pairs of royal blue shoes

Prince Harry caused a fashion stir at the launch of Heads Together this week

Who knew at the start of this week that the royal style icon supreme would be Prince Harry? No, dark suits with white shirts aren't suddenly where everything is at (we would have seen Letizia in one if that was the case). You have to look beneath the standard male royal wardrobe for Harry's style statement. Yes, it's the blue soled shoes.

The prince chose a pair of Cole Haan loafers for the launch of Heads Together in London on Monday and stopped the royal fashion presses in their tracks. While the tops of the shoes were a normal navy that merged almost seamlessly with the standard royal trousers, the soles were a blue so bright no one could miss them. They even overshadowed Kate's latest style choice. Royal shoe madness.

Queen Letizia has given us plenty of takes on blue shoes in the past 12 years but while many fall into the smart and navy and matching the outfit category, this pair of ballerina pumps worn to an audience  in 2010 while she was still Princess of Asturias, bucked the trend. Whether they work or not is a different matters - super style statement or Letizia forgetting to take off her slippers? You decide.

There are lots of blue heels on show on a regular royal rota but some are standout. Queen Mathilde picked a pair of proper blue suede shoes for an event in The Hague in 2015 where she starred alongside Queen Maxima. Mathilde's shoes were stunners. Admittedly, they didn't match her dress, hat or anything else in a 5 mile radius but they looked fabulous.

Pale blue suede is a hard look to pull off and the Countess of Wessex failed when she tried out this pair of loafers on a visit to Grimsby in 2005. The big plus point here is that the trousers are so wide you can barely see them. She might need to take some blue suede shoe tips from Harry.

Height can help and the skyscraping heels of Maxima's strappy sandals lifted this pair of shoes from ordinary to ornate. Add in the fact that she had paired her pedicure to the red on the top of the dressd and there are fashion points here even though the shade of the shoes doesn't quite match the hem of the dress. 

  Back to bright blue and a fashion winner from Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden who added these suede shoes to a killer dress and knocked the opposition out for months to come. It's the sparkle of the shade that makes this pair so perfect.

  Diana, Princess of Wales was at the height of her eighties fashion reign when she chose this pair of blue and pink shoes for an evening look. Yes, blue and pink. And there were spots as well. Just remember, it's the eighties and given the influence that decade is having right now you may well be seeing these in the shops again before the year is out. 


It's all in the genes because her son is the king of blue shoes. Before this week's triumph, Harry had given us a standout pair of suede shoes on a visit to Jamaica. There was no waiting for the prince to show anyone a clean pair of heels to see the blue in this selection - it's right out there from the first moment. Pick a favourite pair below or add your own selection but whichever way you look at it, royal blue shoes are a lot of fun.

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