Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Prince Harry's Invictus Games Photo Album: Day One

  Prince Harry seems to get happier every second he is at the Invictus Games and day one saw this royal in top form as he met competitors, congratulated winners and just had an all round great time. As Amy Baynes from Team New Zealand won a cycling silver medal on her birthday, Harry was on hand to help her start celebrating and he couldn't have looked more pleased about it. It's just one of hundreds of brilliant Harry photos taken on day one of the Invictus Games and starts our line up of eight of the best.


Babies are cute, proud dads are cute, Prince Harry is cute. Put all three together and you get epic cuteness (especially because baby Pippa, daughter of double gold medal winner Rob Cromey-Hawke is super cute).  And then Harry tries to comfort crying baby - the cuteness scale is broken.

He's smiled for lots of photos but we've not seen this one in an official pose. As Harry enjoyed meeting the athletes taking part in the Games and celebrating medals, he gave us a right royal cheesy grin and everyone loved him even more for it.

If ever a royal was going to put on a pair of bright orange clogs given to him at a reception, then it's Harry. The prince did what we all wanted him to do and donned the shoes at a do for the Invictus Foundation as Dutch team captain, Rahmon Zondervan, handed them over. Harry also gave us a comedy face for the photo - prince among picture poses.

As he's behind the Games, it's a fair guess that he knows that medal isn't made of chocolate but hats off to Harry for giving it a try. Prince, teeth, gold - make up your own caption while enjoying this priceless royal photo.

He couldn't contain his pride in Michael Yule as he went for gold, shouting from the sidelines, and as the British athlete clinched his powerlifting title, Prince Harry clinched him in a huge hug that showed how passionate and proud he is of everything being achieved at these Games.

What could be better than a chance to compete at the Invictus Games? Well, a kiss from a prince must rank somewhere up there. US athlete Katie Kuiper enjoyed her hug with Harry and he looked like he was loving it too.

Seven year old Rio Woolf met Prince Harry at the 2014 Invictus Games where he talked about how that event had inspired him. Rio lost his leg when he was 14 months old and he dreams of taking part in the Paralympics. He had a good old chat and a bit of a hug with Harry when they met again in Orlando and it was all smiles from these pals in one of the photos of the day and of the Games themselves.

There is much more about the Invictus Games here.

Photo credit: Kensington Royal Twitter.

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