Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A royal lunch in Spain

We three  queens - Letizia, Queen of Spain with Queen Sofia and former queen regnant, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands at a lunch in Madrid on May 30th 2016

You can never have too many royals in a photograph which is lucky as the Spanish and Dutch families have us a real treat yesterday as they lined up for lunch. As former Queen of the Netherlands, Princess Beatrix, arrived at the Zarzuela Palace she was greeted by Spain's King and Queen and the country's previous monarchs as well. It was a right royal photo and a half.

The royal lunch line up at the Zarzuela Palace

The big regal photo took place ahead of a lunch at the Zarzuela Palace after a busy morning in Madrid for Beatrix, Felipe and Letizia. After a few hours of art, and a quick change for Princess Beatrix, they had all met up with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia for a catch up.

Princess Beatrix was in Madrid for the opening of an exhibition of works by Hieronymous Bosch at the Prado Museum.

The exhibition marks the 500th anniversary of the death of the famous Dutch painter and includes some of his most famous works.

There was a very friendly feel to the visit as Princess Beatrix was greeted by King Felipe and Queen Letizia and the three royals were shown around the exhibition.

But it was the royal lunch line up that really got the cameras clicking. Two kings, three women who have all been queens - a regal gathering if ever there was one.

Photo credit: casareal.es

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