Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Beautiful Games

Prince Harry is left speechless as Elizabeth Marks hands him her medal and asks him to give it to the hospital which saved her life

It is a gesture that will be remembered for years to come. As she celebrated her finest sporting moment, the thoughts of US swimmer Elizabeth Marks were with the people who helped her get there. Just moments after receiving it, she handed back her gold medal to Prince Harry and asked him to take it to Papworth Hospital for her - to say thank you to them for saving her life.

Elizabeth Marks was treated at the hospital in 2014 for a respiratory infection which put her life at risk after she arrived in London to compete in the first Invictus Games. As she handed over her medal she said that she would never be able to repay Papworth but that she wanted to let them know that 'what you are doing is wonderful'.

The gesture is thought to be a first of its kind and Prince Harry looked quite overcome as he took the medal. For a few moments, he was left standing looking at it, almost speechless by a gesture filled with generosity.

Given his passion for the Games and all they symbolise, it would be no surprise if the prince made his way to Papworth to hand the medal over himself. Invictus comes to an end today but this, and so many other gestures, have ensured they will be remembered as the Beautiful Games.

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  1. For Prince Harry,I see so much of his parents in him. His creativity from his Dad and compassion from his mother. Well done, Prince Harry.

    How noble of Elizabeth to give up her medal which we know she worked really hard for. Her actions show why her life was spared from that horrible infection: I can't look into her heart to know what her thoughts were at that moment in time. However, they do seem spontaneous and seems to say, my mission from here on out his to show by my actions, selflessness, sincerity and appreciation. Blessings on all our wounded worriers and Prince Harry and the Invictus Games organizers.