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Garden Party style 2016 (Updated)

Pastel perfection from some of the ladies of the House of Windsor at a garden party this year
(photo @ClarenceHouse Twitter)

The London season of garden parties is over - even if it does feel like they only just got started - and with the cake and tea packed away for another year it's time to look back on the style that graced the lawns at Buckingham Palace for these oh so traditional regal events. We've had pink, we've had pastels, we've had a repeat of that christening outfit. The Royal Wardrobe at the Royal Garden Parties of 2016 has been standout stylish - here's a review (and there's cake as well).

Pink and grey are a winning combination but this mix was unintentional as the Queen's first Garden Party of 2016 was held under leaden skies with heavy rain peppering the fun. No matter, the stunning bright pink ensemble chosen for the May 10th event with matching umbrella, of course, made everyone sit up and pay attention to this year's summer party style.

The Countess of Wessex matched her hue to the skies at the same event and looked rather lovely while she was at it.

The Duchess of Gloucester was in even more sombre mood in darkest navy on that rainy May 10th event. But the sparkle of the sweet blue gemstones gives this royal outfit a real lift.


Princess Alexandra got into the watery feel of the first garden party of the year with an aqua toned outfit complete with statement hat and statement pearls. The vintage vibe of that necklace takes some beating.

It did get some competition from the set of pearls that the Duchess of Cornwall donned for a special Garden Party she hosted at Buckingham Palace for Barnados. Camilla's pale pink suit with knockout hat was a real winner of a look from her and up there with the best of them for 2016.

The Duchess of Gloucester chose a striking and stylish claret hat with blue coat and dress combination for the same party while Princess Alexandra went for an ice blue ensemble with white detail on her hat and a matching shawl scarf. 

Pale blue and pleats for Sophie at the special garden party to mark the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme held on May 16th at Buckingham Palace. This piece of pastel perfection is always a winner for Sophie and made the bridge into informal garden party attire (note no hats here, thank you very much) rather well.

More pink for the Queen at garden party number two of 2016. This one, on May 19th, was held in much better weather conditions and saw the Queen add pink complements to her pale mint coat and hat for a springlike style treat.
Garden parties are all about hats and Camilla gave us a killer hat at this garden party. The cream straw confection, paired with a palest coffee and cream toned dress coat, was rather regal and matched the weather to perfection.

The Princess Royal went for a more autumnal feel for this spring event with an oatmeal coat and matching hat while there was snow joking around for Princess Alexanda in an all white outfit for this particular party.


The final garden party of the year brought out a blue coat and hat combination from the Queen with feature brooch to add some more sparkle to this classic look.

The Duchess of Cambridge rewore the cream Alexander McQueen two piece just about everyone remembers from the christening of Prince George back in 2013. The ruffles, the flared skirt, the neat little hat all looked just as good three years on.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie did a monochrome match with the older York sister in black with a white print and a hat that only Beatrice would pick. The black pillbox with a white flower in the very centre won't be forgotten in a while.

Eugenie went for white with a clever touch of colour to her daringly flared skirt. The red hat was an eye catching addition to a very modern taken on the traditional look and made this a garden party winner.

The Duchess of Gloucester ended in palest blue with a neat coat and dress combination and a classic hat that brings to a close a classic garden party season. The weather may not have been the best but the style has still sparkled.
There was two late entries to the Garden Party style statements as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie accompanied their father, the Duke of York, to a special garden party for the Not Forgotten Association.

It was a tale of two styles as Princess Beatrice went for a formal and daring dress. Mostly navy with panels of yellow and pink, it did geometric with a royal twist and looked very smart indeed although the hat is firmly in the Beatrice's eccentric choices category.

Princess Eugenie went for a more casual look which looked like she had forgotten something, namely her jacket, which is a shame because the skirt has real potential. The hat looks like big sister, Beatrice would be proud of her, but we'll end on a high and say hooray for the bag which is very nice indeed. And the two York princesses made sure we ended with a dose of sunshine. Smiles all round.

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