Royal Vogue front covers

Kate's aunt by marriage, Princess Anne, on the front cover of Vogue in 1973

There is a lot of excitement about the Duchess of Cambridge appearing on the front cover of British Vogue but she's not the first royal to land this famous photo spot. In fact, there are plenty of regal front covers already in the collection including several featuring the House of Windsor. Here's a look back at the royal Vogue cover stars.

Princess Anne appeared on the front cover of Vogue in 1971 in a very seventies top and looking really rather fabulous

Diana, Princess of Wales made several appearances on the front cover of the magazine with the first coming in the year of her marriage, 1981

In 1991, just before her separation was announced, this famous photo of the princess appeared on the Vogue front cover

In 1994, Diana was on the front of Vogue again in another iconic image

Princess Caroline of Monaco is no stranger to the front of the magazine - this is one of several times she has featured

Her daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, appeared on the magazine in this famous photo in 2011

Crown Princess Mary appeared on the front of an edition of Vogue Australia as well

Kate's current photo session for the magazine might be the most famous in a while but the Duchess of Cambridge is following in some very famous footsteps as she becomes a Vogue cover star.