Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Aquamarines for March: Luxembourg

The birthstone of March is the pale and always interesting aquamarine. There is lots to love about this blue gem which is perhaps why you'll find it dotted so frequently among the modern royal jewel collections of Europe. There's its pretty colour, its sparkling clarity and its size. Yep, aquamarines aren't up there on the really precious scale with rubies and sapphires but they do come in chunks worth cherishing and that means they can add plenty of punch to a tiara or two. For the latest look at this month's birthstone in royal jewel boxes, we're off to Luxembourg where, unsurprisingly, a bandeau tiara features in Aquamarines for March.

The ruling house of Luxembourg does love a bandeau. Whatever the occasion, you can all but guarantee that at least one of their leading ladies is going to pop out of somewhere with this discreet version of a diadem balanced on her head. The aquamarine bandeau is very much along the lines of several others in their collection. There are five large blue stones linked together with diamond motifs, doing the whole alternating stone thing. It's all rather lovely and sparkly.

This tiara belonged to Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte and has passed into the family since her death. It can also be worn as a bracelet - presumably by someone with very strong wrists. The stones in this aquamarine tiara stand out for their depth of colour - they are among the darkest on display in diadems in 21st century royal Europe but they are all the better for that. This is a very delicate tiara but gives its star stones a sparkling position in the spotlight. A stunning set of aquamarines for March.

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