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The Duke and the film star

Want to see Tom Cruise in Buckinghma Palace? Step this way please....
(photo credit: By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

He's met more than his fair share of film stars so it was understandable that when Prince Philip bumped into Tom Cruise (as you do) at Buckingham Palace, it was the movie man who looked impressed. The Oscar nominated actor chatted with the Duke of Edinburgh at the most famous royal residence in the world as they gave their support to an organisation that means a huge amount to both of them, the Outward Bound Trust.

The Duke of Edinburgh was hosting a dinner to mark the 75th anniversary of the Outward Bound Trust - he has been its patron since 1999 and the organisation is involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award as well. Tom Cruise has been a long time supporter of the Outward Bound Trust which was set up during World War Two with the aim of helping young seamen develop the skills they needed. It now helps people from all walks of life with over 1.2 million people having been through one of its courses in its 75 year history.

The Duke of Edinburgh and his Hollywood guest chatted happily while everyone else got very excited about seeing Prince Philip and Tom Cruise together. The dinner is a special moment for the Outward Bound Trust, made even more sparkly by this mix of Hollywood royalty and real royalty, when the Duke met the film star.


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