Saturday, 11 March 2017

Willem-Alexander and Maxima get their hands dirty

The King and Queen of the Netherlands get all green fingered on a special day for volunteers
(photo @OranjeFonds Twitter)

At first glance, he was born for the job. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands really got into his annual day of volunteering as he and Queen Maxima headed to Garden Breda to plant, dig and make. The royal couple is keeping up the tradition of their family taking part in the yearly event which sees thousands of people across the Netherlands take part in voluntary work to help others. And this year, Willem-Alexander and Maxima really got their hands dirty.

The royal couple headed to a garden run by the community in Hoge Vucht in the south of the Netherlands to join in the volunteering on Friday March 10th 2017. It was the first of two days of volunteering across the country, organised by NLDoet OranjeFonds.

It's expected that around 350,000 people will take part in some kind of voluntary activity over the two days this year and the King and the Queen of the Netherlands led the way as they got stuck into their tasks at a garden managed by local community volunteers. The garden provides a chance for people in a nearby nursing home and childcare centres to get involved in growing and enjoying nature.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima more than pulled their weight on their visit. As this is a garden, there was plenty of planting to be done.

The heavier tasks on the royal to do list included some digging, hammering and quite a lot of carrying. 

While Queen Maxima got stuck into some painting, King Willem-Alexander helped out putting together a mini greenhouse.

Then it was time for a class photo with other volunteers as the royal couple underlined their support for this initiative which has seen the ruling house of the Netherlands roll up its sleeves and get stuck in for many years.


This time round, Willem-Alexander and Maxima were more than happy to get their hands dirty in aid of a very good cause.

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