Sunday, 12 March 2017

Victoria's special day is all about family

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrates her name day at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on March 12th 2017

Last year, Crown Princess Victoria had to cancel her traditional name day celebrations as she got ready to welcome a new member of her family alongside husband, Prince Daniel and daughter, Princess Estelle. Now, a year on, the baby who put the festivities on hold in 2016 was on hand to party with his parents and sister in 2017. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's name day was a real family affair.

Victoria's name day celebrations took place in the Inner Courtyard of the Royal Palace on a crisp day that involved royal scarves, hats and coats. The heir to the throne of Sweden walked out to start the celebrations with husband, Daniel, who missed the party in 2014 and five year old Estelle. The royal trio took to a dais and listened as the royal band played music to mark the occasion. 

Clearly, baby Oscar isn't a fan of Bruno Mars as he stayed away from the concert which included an arrangement of Uptown Funk. Victoria's musical serenade ended with a fanfare and a chance for the huge crowds to really start clapping.

They had plenty more to cheer as the walkabout got under way. Victoria took Estelle over to the crowds to receive flowers and presents while Oscar, in the arms of his dad, popped out in a very fetching hat to join the family festivities.

The crowds were given a good chance to see the family in action and while there were lots of flowers for mum, Estelle and Oscar got more than their fair share of cuddly toys and presents. Daniel smiled a lot, let's face it, dads only get socks and aftershave and no one is bringing those to a royal name day celebration.

This is the second appearance by Victoria in less than a week - just days ago she took part in the Baltic Seas Future conference in Stockholm. It marks a return to public life after several weeks out of the limelight while the Crown Princess spent time with her family as they get ready for a new chapter as school beckons for Estelle. And it was clear from their appearance today that they really are a happy family, spending time together on a special day.

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