Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Royal Wardrobe poll: Maxima and Letizia in the pink

Letizia and Maxima are in the pink in this week's Royal Wardrobe poll
(photo Elysee Palace Twitter still and

We have our first tie of the year. In this week's Royal Wardrobe poll, Queen Maxima and Queen Letizia got equal nods for their rosy regal ensembles. The neon pink and baby blush couldn't be more different and couldn't be separated - here's what royal dressing looks like at the end of February 2017.

Bright and bold, Queen Maxima's dark fuchsia dress, worn for a series of engagements in villages and farming communities, topped the poll and it's no wonder. The frock is fabulous while the accessories are a masterclass in less is more. And this also ticks that royal wardrobe must moment - it can be seen for miles around. If the crowd has come to see a queen, then the queen really does need to be seen and there's no doubt Maxima made her mark in this outfit.

By contrast, Queen Letizia chose about as pale a shade of pink as she could find as she welcomed the President of Argentina and his wife on a two day State Visit to Spain. But this queen consort knows how to impress and the pastel shade against the misty marble of the Royal Palace courtyard in Madrid produced a series of images that were striking and then some with Letizia looking super chic at the centre of them all. The suit itself is modern royal power dressing personified - a neat jacket and skirt with the updo that's become the go to for regal women across Europe in the last year. Another elegant winner from Queen Letizia.

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