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The Royal Wardrobe: Kate and Letizia

They get the most attention of all royal women for their style choices - Letizia and Kate star in this week's Royal Wardrobe

The Royal Wardrobe has been quiet this week with half term breaks and ski-ing sessions calling. But it does give a chance to return to that question of what we expect a royal to dress like in 2017. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of Spain, of all the royal women making headlines right now, get the most attention for their sense of style. They were the busiest royals last week as well so the Royal Wardrobe is taking a snapshot of Kate and Letizia and asking, how does a passion for fashion work with a sense of what's royal in 2017? There are five outfits, three from Letizia and two from Kate, and the poll is asking which best fits your idea of modern royalty. Results on Wednesday.

Letizia's first outfit of the week was a modern take on the two piece suit. We got slim fit black trousers, a repeat of a military style jacket and a sheer blouse running free of the waistband. That's not tucked in to you and me. The royal agenda for many increasingly includes meetings with organisations or charities that aren't huge engagements but still public events and royal dressing for these is an art of its own. It needs smart but not over the top and certainly nothing really new - but is this too casual for the day out in Madrid?

Kate's first event of last week was a reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen to mark the start of the UK-India Year of Culture  2017. This one was marked cocktail in the Royal Wardrobe diary, a word that can cause Kate problems (remember the full length evening gown for last year's pre tour reception where everyone else was smart casual) but the duchess chose a gold knee length gown that fitted the bill to perfection. We've got glitter, we've got elegance and we've got a new look that looks right at home in the most famous royal residence in the world.

How short is too short for modern royal dressing? It's a question that Queen Letizia has faced more than most because she does like to push the style boundaries and on a trip to Avila to close a conference on women and disability, the issue raised its head again. Before we get to the length, let's examine the whole concept. We've got dogtooth check with embroidery in a shift style dress with layer of sheer tulle popping out at the hem and even with all that going on it doesn't reach the knee. It's an odd dress in itself, if we're honest, but is it too modern to make the modern royal wardrobe standards?

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of them, Kate finds yet another blue tweed suit to wear. The two piece chosen for a day at Ronald McDonald House, part of Evelina Children's Hospital in London is very Kate. So very Kate because the duchess has worn a look like this so often since her marriage it's almost a trademark. But is it your idea of modern royal dressing? The suit raises an interesting question. We expect all kinds of chic, style and standards from regal outfits but if a royal sticks to the same look time and time again, do we want more? How does a royal balance the demand for fashion wins with regal ticklists? It may explain why the blue tweed keeps making a comeback.

The first fashion controversy Letizia ever starred in featured a white trouser suit but we've come a long way since 2003. As a royal fiancee, Letizia caused a storm by appearing at her engagement press conference in a trouser suit - now we're used to the all white look from the Queen of Spain and it is one that she's made her own. This selection, worn to an event to mark Rare Diseases Day (a cause close to Letizia's heart), had plenty of texture thanks to the black and white print top beneath the neat jacket. It's smart, it's chic - is it your top pick for what makes a royal image in 2017?


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